Nutritional Consultations


Seaweed salad; a nutritional, fresh, green salad.

Nutrition Intakes

Whats’s Going On? Tell Us All About It. 

In this 90 min session, we go through everything. Then we use all of our years of knowledge and skills to create a personalized plan for you that REALLY works. 



Let’s Keep You on Track. 

Being accountable to someone else and having someone keep you on track is key to success. Each client is different and has different follow-ups needs. We will discuss the best plan for you during your intake. 


Grocery Store Tour

Which Products Are Right For You? 

There are over 20 different types of bread! How are you to know which is best for you? In this tour, we go over Everything – from reading labels to understanding all those ingredients. Each session is customized to suit your dietary needs and goes best after initial intake. 

Kitchen Organization

What Goes, What Stays and How to Make Sense Of It All. 

This is when we come over and help you make sense of everything that is in your cupboards. Can you still eat it? Where should it be stored? Is it rancid? What is rancid? Let us help you get organized for success. 


Weekly Batch Cooking

Let’s Get Your Week Off to A Great Start! 

Together we prep and cook all your batch cooking for the week. Let's make fat bombs and roast trays of root veggies while we talk about the nutrients in each dish and their importance in your personalized plan. This pairs well with the grocery store tour and helps prevent that overwhelming feeling of ‘now what?’ once you get it all home. 


The Family Pack 

Everybody's has different mealtime needs. You want to lose weight, they want to build muscle, she wants to regulate her hormones and he wants lower cholesterol. Let us create solutions to your families complex mealtime needs.



Ready to take your health to the next level? 

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Custom herbal remedies

With herbal medicine, we are able to offer a safer and more customized way of supporting your health. Our team of Medical Herbalists offer custom dry tea blends, tinctures, capsules, hand-mixed creams & integrative health consultations.