5 Tips for Better Digestion

5 Tips for Better Digestion

December 02, 2021

5 Tips for Better Digestion:

Mix it up!

Studies show that gut flora thrives when we diversify the fibres in our diet. Consuming a minimum of 30 different plants each week supports, protects, and enriches the gut microbiome. So next time you find yourself at the grocery store, instead of reaching for the same plants week after week, pick up some produce that isn't an everyday staple in your kitchen! As fall approaches take advantage of this beautiful season and get creative with the abundant selection of seasonal local fruits and veggies that are offered!

Hot or Cold?

Our digestive fire refers to what we use to transform and “burn” food into fuel. Digestive fire is the strength and volume of stomach acid, digestive enzymes, and bile in the gastrointestinal tract. When these juices combine forces they break down the food we consume to create necessary building blocks for energy and proper nutrition. It is essential that we tend to our digestive fire to ensure it does not extinguish. Here are some tips to keep that fire burning!

- Avoid cold or iced beverages, opt for hot or room temperature.
- Avoid consuming all raw or “cool” foods, prepare hot cooked foods to aid in ease of digestion.
- If you love fresh fruits and veggies there are a variety of methods to add warming spices and energy to everyday favourites.

Make use of daylight!

Speaking of digestive fire, did you know that your flame burns brightest when the sun is out? Timing your meals while the daylight shines can substantially improve digestion. As the sun goes down so does our energy. As we move into a “cool”, restful and restorative state overnight, our digestive fire subsides and we break down our food less effectively than during the waking hours.

Get bitter with it!

Bitter herbs are one of the most readily available tools that can aid in stimulating and improving digestion. Consuming bitter herbs prior to a meal prepares your body and gets your digestive juices moving! Bitters aid in the production of saliva, breaking down of food and may reduce gas, bloating, inflammation and feeling overly full after mealtime.

How are you consuming your food?

There is an extensive body of research that suggests most animals prefer to eat their meals in company as they instinctively know eating with others improves digestion. This is a great way to allow your body to focus on digesting food versus consuming additional information such as reading, scrolling or watching T.V. If you are unable to eat with others, consider setting an intention, saying a prayer of gratitude or lighting a candle to help your body be present to the experience of eating. Remember to chew your food slowly and let your body take care of the rest!

For more personalized ways to support your digestion this season come in and visit our herbalists for a free consultation!

Written by:

Alanna Mugford

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