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Custom Herbal Consultation

15 minutes | Complimentary

Looking for the right herb to kick that nasty cold, boost energy or help ease your menstrual cramps? Call, email or drop by for a mini-consultation to ensure you're getting the right herbs to best support you. 

Please try your best to focus on one health concern during your mini-consultation to let our team give it our full attention. If a little more research is required to find the best herbs suited for you, you may have to wait or come back to pick up your custom herbs, tinctures, creams or capsules.   If 15 minutes isn't enough time, we offer full herbal and nutrition consultations.

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Initial Herbal Consultation

90 minutes | $145

Your health goals are our priority! In your initial 90 minutes, we'll get to know you with an in-depth series of questions to investigate each body system. We will address any imbalances, health issues you're currently experiencing, as well as your personal and family health history.

With the information provided we’ll collaborate to create a customized health plan. It will combine medicinal herbs along with lifestyle and nutritional recommendations to support wellness in your body, mind, and spirit. 

Our team has a passion for educating and empowering you to follow through with your treatment plan. We provide a safe and compassionate healing space,  free from judgment and with the highest regard for our patients. 

Follow Up Herbal Consultation

30 minutes | $55    1 hour | $105

With the foundation created during the initial consultation, follow up appointments are used for progress check ins, to focus on new or additional goals, as well as to adjust or make new herb and lifestyle recommendations as your health shifts.

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Holistic Nutrition Consultation

90 minutes | $140   

In our 90 min session, we go through everything from what you're currently eating to how you're feeling. After that, we'll create a personalized plan for you that REALLY works, giving you the steps to safely transition to your new diet. Learn more about our Nutritional Consultations here.

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