Acupuncture for Stress

Acupuncture for Stress

May 26, 2022

Acupuncture For Stress

Acupuncture is very effective in the treatment of stress management. Acupuncturists put small needles into the body to access channels of meridians and pathways in the body. Stimulating these points regulates qi and blood flow, reducing pain and bringing balance to the whole system.

Acupuncture is thought to stimulate the central nervous system via the muscles, nerves and connective tissue. Accessing these parts of the body with needles releases our natural endorphins and pain relievers. This is  how acupuncture is thought to effectively treat stress and pain so well. Research shows that regular acupuncture treatments can effectively lower stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The PNS drives the body’s “rest and digest” state, which is when the systems of the body flourish because they are not activated in “fight or flight” mode. The more often we are in the “rest and digest” state, the more generally relaxed we are.

If you experience chronic stress associated with anxiety, nervousness, low mood, insomnia, restlessness, irritability, or headaches, acupuncture may be a good fit for you. For the best acupuncture experience, find a practitioner that feels like a good fit that you can openly communicate with. You may see some effects in just one treatment, or your practitioner may suggest a treatment plan. Generally speaking when treating stress, it is better to go for treatments at consistent intervals for a set amount of time. For example your practitioner may suggest seeing you once a week for 6 weeks.

One of my favourite points to relax and calm the mind is Yintang. This point can be located on the forehead directly between both of the eyebrows.Acupressure is effective here. Hold this point for about 2 minutes to help the mind relax.

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Written by Avery Knechtel

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