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Herbal Medicine for an Empath

January 09, 2022

A Blend Made for an Empath

Empaths are highly sensitive, they are fine tuned to the subtleties within their bodies and environment. Empaths are often sensitive to medication and require lower doses of medicinals. Energetic doses of tinctures are great for empaths, just a few drops is enough to shift their internal landscape. The defining feature of an empath is the ability to feel others emotions and pain. This can become disorienting and it can be difficult to tease apart which emotions are that of the empath, and which are those of others.

We have formulated a custom tincture designed to protect boundaries. This blend includes Yarrow, Devil's Club, Damiana, Angelica and Rose.

Yarrow's latin name is Achillea millefolium. Achillea refers to the greek hero Achilles, who was said to have used Achillea to treat his wounds during the Trojan war. Millefolium translates to "a thousand leaves", named after it's delicate feathery foliage. Yarrow is a great herb to help heal wounds, both physically and emotionally. Yarrow has a protective quality and is helpful for those who tend to take on the burden of other's emotions. It is a herb well suited for the practitioner, aiding in drawing a boundary between themselves and their client's emotions.

Devil's club is covered in an abundance of tiny white thorns. When just brushing past the plant, the thorns easily lodge into the skin and fester. Devil's Club is a plant that is not only avoided in the wild by humans, but by animals as well. One who is called to take Devil's Club must be prepared for it's tenacity. This plant creates such strong boundaries, it may turn your world upside down.

Damiana is widely known for its aphrodisiac action, but this herb is not limited to such a quality. It is both nourishing for the nervous system and mood-enhancing. It is a great herb to help one become aware of their body and sensations. It is helpful for those who have a tendency to disassociate by it's strong ability to ground. Caution is advised if processing a trauma. Damiana can push us to be present in our body, with the inability to avoid feelings that may bubble up.

Angelica archangelica is named after the archangels; Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. They are the leaders of the angelic realm and have devoted themselves to the service of humanity. They offer protection and loving radiance to strengthen the spirit. The root of Angelica is used medicinally. Just as it's root is firm and sturdy, Angelica offers the ability to ground individuals to the earth and develop a connection with the divine.

Rose is aromatic and sweet, it is incredibly nourishing for the heart. Rose is astringent, meaning it has a quality of tightening and strengthening. This is helpful in providing a container for the outpouring of emotion by the heart. Rose helps to hold and release emotions. Proceed with caution, over using this plant can be extremely cathartic. In small doses, Rose provides a sanctuary, like a warm hug for the heart.

If any of these captivating herbs are beckoning to you, or if you're intrigued by the idea of a tailor-made blend, we invite you to fill out this form. Our team is thrilled to curate a personalized empath blend that aligns harmoniously with your desires and intentions.

Wishing you grace on your journey,


Medical Herbalist

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