Wild Cherry Bark Tincture

Prunus serotina

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Cautions / Safety

Caution in long term or high dose use.

Collections: Single Tinctures

Category: gstonly

Type: Botanical Tincture

Customer Reviews

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Linda Malysa
Wild Cherry Bark Tincture for Bronchitis

Years ago I suffered from Bronchitis and Wild Cherry Bark Tincture cleared it all up. It’s been many decades since then and only in this past year it has started to effect my breathing again. I have searched for the Tincture but to no avail until my daughter asked me if I would like to order anything from your company. I asked her if you carry the tincture and to order me some.
The secret is DO NOT follow directions to put it in a glass of water! It does NOT work. I tried to help my mother-in-law with her bronchitis but it didn’t clear up. She forgot my instructions and took it in water.
INSTRUCTIONS: Take half a teaspoon or so and pour it down the back of your tongue to coat your throat. After some time you’ll notice you breath easier till it gradually all clears up.😊 Please don’t stop selling the amazing Tincture!

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