Herbs For Student Life

Herbs For Student Life

September 12, 2022

Herbs for Students! 

Back to school often means back to the daily grind of early mornings, late night study sessions, and cramming before exams. Although being a student can be a great privilege, it also comes with many stressors to the body and mind.

Here at Apotheka we have many powerful herbs to support the health of busy students so that their energy can be put towards focusing on school rather than managing the inevitable symptoms that arise from a stressful lifestyle. 

High stress and lack of sleep can lead to a compromised immune system, digestive issues, fatigue, and a decline in cognitive function.

Below we have listed just a few of our favourite herbs to support students as they are heading back to school. These herbs focus on easing digestive issues, a common complaint for students who carry stress in the gut and who eat meals while studying or in class, improving brain function, and building resilience to stress.

Bacopa: Cognitively enhancing, Bacopa (or Brahmi) is a great herb to support concentration, memory, and learning ability. It is also relaxes the nervous system, and is helpful in ADHD, depression, stress, exhaustion and neurodegenerative diseases. 

Gotu Kola: An overall wonderful nervous system tonic, Gotu kola also supports the body through periods of stress, enhances mental concentration, reduces anxiety and fatigue, and promotes circulation and wound healing. 

Chamomile: This herb is also known as the Mother of the Gut! Chamomile enhances digestion due to its carminative action and soothes a nervous tummy. Chamomile is a great herb for almost all digestive complaints and also works to calm the nervous system and support sleep. 

Rosemary: Rosemary for remembrance is a common saying! Amongst the many actions Rosemary offers, it enhances mental alertness, focus and memory. It also can be helpful in cases of depression, anxiety and fatigue.

Siberian ginseng: A supportive adaptogen, Siberian ginseng enhances immune function, energy, vitality, endurance and mental clarity. It supports mental alertness, stamina and memory recall! Wonderful to use in anxiety and nervous exhaustion, and also improves sleep if there are issues due to stress or worry. 

Written by Leah Schmutter

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